Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal

Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
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Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal

Instituted:  1942
Dates: 1941-46
Criteria:  Service in the Asiatic-Pacific theater for 30 day or receipt of any combat decoration
Device: Bronze, silver star; bronze arrowhead

    For service during World War II within the Asiatic Pacific Theater of Operation.  The Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal is worn after the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal and before the World War II Victory Medal.

     The Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal was established by Executive Order on 6 November 1942 and amended on 15 March 1946, which established a closing date.  The medal is awarded to all members of the Armed Forces who served in the Asiatic Pacific Theater of Operations during the period from 7 December 1941 to 2 March 1946.  The service must have been as a member of the Armed Forces on permanent assignment in the theater, or within the theater on temporary assignment for thirty consecutive days, or sixty nonconsecutive days, the award of a combat decoration in the theater.  Maps of the three theaters of operations during World War II were drawn on 6 November 1942 to include the American Theater, the European-African-Middle Easters Theater and the Asiatic-Pacific Theater.

     The Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal was designed by the Army's Institute of Heraldry.  The medal is a circular bronze disc showing troop landing in a tropical setting with a palm tree. battleship, aircraft carrier and submarine in the background.  At the top of the medal, around the edge, are the words ASIATIC PACIFIC CAMPAIGN.  The reverse of the medal shows an American eagle standing on a rock.   On the left of the eagle are the raised inscribed dates 1941-1945 and on the right UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  The ribbon is yellow-orange with narrow center stripes of red, white and blue (United States).  Near the edges are narrow white, red and white stripes (Japan).  Participation is specific combat operations is denoted by three-sixteenth inch bronze stars.  A three-sixteenth inch silver star is worn in lieu of five bronze stars.

The forty-two Marine Corps campaign designations for the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal are:

    Pearl Harbor-Midway, 1941                                                 Bismarck Archipelago, 1943-1944
    Wake Island, 1941                                                               Pacific Raids, 1943
    Philippine Islands Operation, 1941-1942                             Treasury-Bougainvillea Operation, 1943
    Netherlands East Indies, 1941-1942                                     Gilbert Island Operation, 1943
    Pacific Raids, 1942                                                               Marshall Islands Operation, 1943-1944
    Coral Sea, 1942                                                                    Asiatic-Pacific Raids, 1944
    Midway, 1942                                                                       Western New Guinea, 1944-1945
    Gaudalcanal,-Tulagi Landings, 1942                                      Hollandia Operation, 1944
    Capture and Defense of Gaudalcanal, 1942-1943                  Marianas Operation
    Makin Raid, 1942                                                                 Capture and Occupation of Tinian, 1944
    Eastern Solomons (Stewart Isl.), 1942                                   Western Caroline Islands, 1944
    Buin-Faisi-Tonolai, 1942                                                       Leyte Operation, 1944
    Cape Experience (Second Savo), 1942                                    Luzon Operation, 1944-1945
    Santa Cruz Islands, 1942                                                        Iwo Jima Operation, 1945
    Guadalcanal (Third Savo), 1942                                             Okinawa Gunto Operation, 1945
    Tassafaronga (Fourth Savo), 1942                                         Third Fleet Operations against Japan, 1945
    Eastern New Guinea, 1942-1944                                            Kurile Islands Operation, 1944-1945
    Rennel Island Operation, 1943                                               Bomeo Operation, 1945
    Solomon Islands Consolidation, 1943-1945                           Consolidation of Southern Philippines, 1945
    Aleutians Operations, 1943                                                    Manila Bay-Bicol Operation, 1945
    New Georgia Group Operation, 1943                                      Naval Group China, 1943-1945