Gorgeous Gams of World War II
GARY COOPER AND BARBARA STANWYCK'S LEGS IN BALL OF FIRE (5 K)   Classic movie actresses of the forties often had classic legs as well, and great gams were a prerequisite to make it into any GI's pinup collection. Just check out Gary Cooper over there (left) transfixed by Barbara Stanwyck's luscious leg up in Ball of Fire, and you'll see what I mean. America’s GI sweetheart throughout WW II was Betty Grable. Betty’s famous 1941 pinup, which depicts the pretty blonde with exceptionally shapely legs glancing sexily over one shoulder, became a pop icon of patriotism. Her unique mix of innocence and bold sexuality captured the hearts and minds of all Americans, young and old. Grable was the first woman to become a number one box-office draw and was the highest-paid and most powerful star in Hollywood at the time. Her curvaceous gams were considered "one of the most treasured assets of America," and were insured by Lloyd’s of London for one million dollars! And, naturally, she "kicks" off our tribute to the most gorgeous gams of WW II (that's her over there). Use the slideshow controls at the lower right to navigate our collection of getaway sticks from the war years. Click on any photo for more information about who the legs belong to.

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