The target today is Schweinfurt. This city in south-central Germany was a key industrial target for Allied bombers. This city contained five ball-bearing factories that were essential to German fighter production. The U.S. 8th Air Force attacked with 376 bombers on August 17, 1943 (our strike photo is dated the same day), and lost 147 of them. It was attacked again on October 14, 1943 by 291 bombers (with 60 aircraft lost and 142 damaged). These heavy losses put a stop to all raids deep into Germany until the "Big Week" of February 1944, when the city was again attacked. The British finally attacked Schweinfurt in April 1944. All in all, the attacks were not effective, as the Germans quickly repaired damage and moved some of their production out to rural areas. But the attacks did cause the Luftwaffe to move aircraft from the Eastern front to protect the city.