The target today is Stuttgart. Located in the southwestern corner of Germany, Stuttgart was an Allied industrial target. On September 6, 1943, the VKF ball-bearing plant was attacked by the 8th Air force. This city was bombed again during the "Big Week" in February 1944. Additional targets in Stuttgart included an airfield, which was home to Me109s and Ju88s, a Ju88 assembly line, a small armaments factory, a railroad switching facility, and a supply dump. Other targets included the Daimler-Benz Aero Engine factory. Stuttgart was bombed 53 times by the Allies, destroying 57% of the city's structures and killing approximately 4,500 people. German companies like Bosch, Zeiss, and Porsche were forced to relocate during the war. On one night alone, Oct. 7, 1943, an RAF raid killed 1,700 and rendered 18,000 homeless.