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The World War II Photo of the Week
for 21 January 2002


Air-Sea Rescue Practice ...

   The original caption reads:  "One of the newest methods of accomplishing a sea rescue from the air employs the new U-type rescue harness. These three pictures show the rescue as demonstrated by two coastguardsmen from the station at Brooklyn, NY. A helicopter, piloted by Commander F.A. Erickson, Tacoma, Wash., zooms toward the survivor (left), Lewis T. Marshall, Peabody, Mass., after his parachute was spotted in the water. Then, with its whirling blades holding it stationary, the helicopter maneuvers directly above the 'victim' (center) and lowers the rescue harness. Marshall grasps the harness and pulls himself from the sea. In the picture on the right, like a circus aerial performer, Marshall is raised into the air, clinging to the harness, and the Sikorsky helicopter rises and makes its course toward land." An ACME Newspictures photo via the U.S. Coast Guard, dated October 24, 1944, from the Webmaster's collection.

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