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The World War II Photo of the Week
for 5 March 2001

B-17 GOING DOWN (17 K)

When Luck Runs Out ...

   Not all B-17's were as lucky as "Stage Door Canteen" (see preceding page), who completed over 100 missions and returned to the States safely. In these two shots, two Flying Fortress come to grief high over Germany. In the top photo, flak has sheared off the nose and cockpit of this 390th Bomb Group "Fort" and she's just beginning her death plunge. In the bottom photo, a Fort that's lost a wing is spiraling earthward, her destiny to strike the Reich in a way no one expected. Photo above from the International Combat Camera Association (by Jerry Cole, 390th BG); photo below from the Webmaster's collection.

B-17 GOING DOWN (22 K)

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