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The World War II Photo of the Week
for 18 June 2001

P-61s IN FLIGHT (39 K)

WW II's Stealth Fighter ...

   Above, a fine specimen of Northrup's P-61 "Black Widow," Aircraft No. 25501 is shown in flight over Southern California. Notable is the dorsal barbette housing four .50-caliber machine guns and the carbon streaking across the tops of the wings directly behind each engine. Below, the censor's white pen has been busy on this shot of three Black Widows. It's obviously the bird's advanced radar antenna arrays that are being concealed, as well as the belly-mounted turret containing four forward-firing 20-mm cannon (photo dated June 16, 1944, by Acme & Cleveland Press). From the Webmaster's collection.

P-61s IN FLIGHT (13 K)

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