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The World War II Photo of the Week
for 25 June 2001


Patton's War Souvenir ...

   The huge bronze and gold swastika shown in this photo was destined to be returned to the United States by Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., commanding general of U. S. Third Army. To indicate the source of his war prize, Gen. Patton also sent along this picture captured in Nürnberg, showing Adolf Hitler speaking to the Nazi faithful at the Luitpold Arena. Patton himself annotated the original photo with an arrow and the notation "THIS IS IT" to show that the swastika came from the podium at Luitpold. Official U. S. Army photo marked for UPI distribution dated May 13, 1945 (photographer uncredited), from the Webmaster's collection. In the tradition of The History Channel's History's Lost and Found, we've tracked down the current location of the swastika ... the D-Day Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana! The swastika is shown behind a mannequin of Adolf Hitler wearing one of the Führer's uniforms. The museum also boasts the Nazi eagle from Luitpold as well (further below). Photos reprinted courtesy D-Day Museum.


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