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for 19 July 1999


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Measuring Bombing Accuracy

A bomb fall plot of the March 24, 1945 raid on the Munich-Reim Airdrome, conducted by the A-2 section of the USAAF 304th Bomb Wing, 456th Bomb Group, flying B-25s. Notable annotations include that this was Mission No. 215 conducted from an altitude of between 23,600 and 24,700 feet and the attack took place between 1229 and 1231 hours. The image of the B-25 at the upper left indicates the direction of attack with two headings, 304 and 325 degrees, marked relative to North (marked "N"). The analyst's comments are: Blue Force, 17 A/C (aircraft) dropped 152 x 500 (pound) RDX (high-explosive) bombs. Number of bombs plotted – 51." Computations are visible, which indicate that 77% of the bombs struck within 1,000 feet of the mean point of impact (marked "X") and 100% fell within 2,000 feet. The lead bombardier was a Lt. Turner, and at least two enemy aircraft are marked destroyed. It seems that most of the bomb bursts were on hangers and other structures. From the Webmaster's collection.

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