The World War II Photo of the Week
for 20 November 2000


The Smallest Ship in the Nazi Fleet

   The smallest warship in the Nazi arsenal is depicted visiting Berlin in April 1941. Named the Dwarf 7, she was the smallest minesweeper of the Coastal Defense arm of the War Fleet. To reach Berlin, she sailed from Norway, down the Elbe River, and then along the Havel into the heart of the German capital. The ship is shown approaching her dock at the Tirpitzufer (riverbank) on Monday, April 2. The crew, consisting of one boatswain's mate as commander and five sailors, delivered special information and salutations from the naval commanders on the Norwegian west coast to the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral of the Fleet Erich Raeder. The photo is a SIPHO (S.A. Service International Photographique) original press photo (Brussels, Belgium). From the Webmaster's collection.

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