The World War II Photo of the Week
for 11 December 2000


The Invasion that Never Was

   This propaganda photo was from a collection of ORBIS Press (Berlin) file photographs taken during the Spring of 1940 (May-June), during the invasion of France. Depicted is a debarkation point for England from the vicinity of Calais. This is a pure propaganda shot, designed to pump up the sentiments of the people, and motivate them for the planned invasion of England, code-named Operation Sea Lion. The German caption reads: "Der Weg nach England! So haben sie sich aber die Wirkung dieses Reklameschildes nicht vorgestellt. Auf alle Fälle aber befindst sich der deutsche Soldat jetzt auf diesem Wege!" The rough translation: "The Way to England! So they did not imagine, however, the effect of this advertising sign. In any case, however, the German soldiers located here are now on the way! Note the well-camouflaged half-track with a light automatic cannon mounted, most likely a AAA support unit. Needless to say, Operation Sea Lion was postponed indefinitely following the Battle of Britain. From the Webmaster's collection.

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