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On this page, you'll find images contributed by Katie Zabielski, grand-daughter of Edward M. Zabielski, a former member of C Battery.

Any former members who can add to the captions are invited to send information to the Webmaster. Clicking "Enlarge the Photo" will open a second window to display the enlargement. Close the second window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the browser. (Clicking on the image will also load a larger version.)

Edward M. Zabielski (11 K)

Ed pictured at a 225th tent city. The side panels of the tents are folded back to show the posh living space and GI cots.

Edward M. Zabielski (14 K)

Ed at the wheel of one of C Battery's two-and-a-half-ton trucks, the workhorse of the U.S. Army when it came to moving men and material across Europe.

Edward M. Zabielski and Friends (20 K)

Ed (front row, left, sitting in white shirt) with his battery mates.

Edward M. Zabielski and Friends (12 K)

Ed (left) and two pals sitting on a long line of GI barracks bags. Considering all that "luggage" piled up and the barracks and truck in the background, could this be a shot of the 225th shipping out from Camp Davis?

Edward M. Zabielski (21 K)

Ed's at the left in this shot of three searchlight men.

Edward M. Zabielski (14 K)

Another shot of Ed (center) with two buddies. Visible in the left background is a heavily camouflaged SCR-268 gun-laying radar unit. The countryside looks like France or Germany, circa 1944-45.



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