FLAG (43 K)

foreword ...

  In the following pages the Public Relations Office has prepared descriptive, historical and otherwise informative data regarding Camp Davis.

AAA INSIGNIA (10 K)   The Guide Book to Camp Davis is published under the sponsorship of the Camp Special Service Office with the objective that newly arriving military personnel may be benifited, as may be the numerous civilian visitors to this famous training center. It is further hoped that those who are presented with copies of this Guide Book will keep it as a souvenir of the historic, though grim and trying, years of World War II. Otherwise it is hoped that the book will be passed along to another reader.

  There are articles describing the various phases of military activity at Camp Davis. There are articles outlining the recreational, service and accommodational features available in camp.

  This Guide Book was authorized by the Camp Command with the sincere hope that it will be of value to all who receive a copy of it.

— The Public Relations Office.


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