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The World War II Photo of the Week
for 10 May 2004

Hustle and Bustle at Omaha ...

   This U.S. Army photo shows the the hustle and bustle of activity on a stretch of Omaha Beach in the days following the invasion. Shown are a number of LSTs off-loading men and material ashore. The LST at the left is approximately at point Easy Red. The next few are at Easy White. The remainder are at Easy Blue. The infamous "Dog" sector, where the men of the 29th Infantry Division and other units took heavy casualties on June 6, is at the far left. The Easy Sector was operated by the 5th Engineer Special Brigade of the 1st Army, Colonel Gallat commanding. Noteworthy are the barrage balloons in the air and the sunken blockships (Operation Gooseberry) that comprised the breakwater for the Operation Mulberry floating harbor. Also, the technique of beaching LSTs for unloading is demonstrated to good effect here (later, when high tide came in, the LSTs would be "floated off" the beach so they could return to England to take on more men and supplies).

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