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The World War II Photo of the Week
for 13 May 2002


Liberated! ...

   Captured by the Germans and held near Orglandes, France until their buddies captured the territory and released them, these six airborne infantrymen smile as they display their souvenirs, including Lugers, a PPK, a P-38, daggers and a flag (obliterated by the censor for an unknown reason). Left to right: Sgt. Robert Utley, Amarillo Texas; Cpl. Frank Kwasnick, Clifton, NJ; Pvt. Frank Rupper, NYC; Sgt. Olando Peters, Dallas, Oregon; Lt. Briand Beaudin, West Warwick, RI; and Lt. Paul Lehman, Washington, DC. Note that the paratrooper unit patches have been censored on the officers at the right. Also noteworthy is the sewn-on U.S. flag on the shoulder of the sergeant at the far left. You can see the hemostat handles in the pocket of the officer medic (with his red cross helmet off while he models his German officer's hat.) The three troopers at the far left are also wearing red cross medic helmets. U.S. Signal Corps photo dated June 25, 1944, from the webmaster's collection.

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