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The World War II Photo of the Week
for 19 May 2003


As Annoying As A Mosquito ...

   Somewhere off the U.S. East Coast, PT-105, a U.S. Navy patrol boat, performs test maneuvers in the Atlantic. With crews of 12 to 14, the so-called "mosquito boats" saw action in both the European and Pacific theaters of war. In the Solomon Islands, they nimbly harassed Japanese transport ships, usually under cover of darkness, as they fulfilled their primary mission of wreaking havoc on the timely delivery of troops and supplies to Japanese bases. During the invasion of Normandy, PTs patrolled the Bay of the Seine, protecting minesweepers and the invasion fleet at large from attack by their Nazi counterpart, the E-Boat. Later, they defended the approaches to Cherbourg and Omaha Beach, which became the Allie's major ports for supplying the armies fanning out all over France. Photograph dated 1942, reprinted courtesy U.S. Naval Historical Center. More information on PT boats can be found at Knights of the Sea: PT Boats of World War II.

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