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The World War II Photo of the Week
for 7 June 2004

Snaking Inland ...

   This oft-reproduced U.S. Coast Guard official photo of the bustle at Omaha Beach in the days following the invasion of Normandy shows a number of LSTs off-loading men and material ashore. The LST at the right has a barrage balloon on deck, while others can be seen aloft. There are a number of readable hull numbers on these LSTs, including LST-533, LST-310, LST-262, and LST-532. Note the beached LCT in the left center of the photograph and the convoy of 13 tank destroyer half-tracks — some pulling field artillery pieces — snaking up the beach in the foreground. The job that the engineers have done since D-Day is apparent: new roads have been built across the dunes, vehicle parks replace the shingle, and the wreckage of the first waves has been cleared.

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