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The World War II Photo of the Week
for 16 August 2004

Taking Candy from a Babe ...

   Recruits from King's County, New York are shown on their way to Camp Upton, New York on November 25, 1940. They've just left Brooklyn and are riding a toasty Long Island Railroad passenger train. Upton was a reception center where men were tested and classified for the jobs they would do for the Army. It was located near Yaphank, in the center of Long Island's Pine Barrens region. The lovely Red Cross nurse with sausage curls showing under her cap is handing out Hershey chocolate bars (with almonds no less!) to the guys. Period advertising is evident on the walls inside the car, including a U.S. Marines recruiting poster promising "Travel, Education, Career." 225th member Lawrence P. Belmont rode a similar train to Upton in 1942, but recalls there was no nurse on the train handing out candy. When he arrived at the camp, it was windy and cold, and all he saw was scrub pines and blowing sand. It was the Winter of '42, and he was bound for the 5th Receiving Company at Upton, aka "The Frozen Fifth." He lived in a pyramid tent with a coal-burning stove. Photo from the Webmaster's collection.

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