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The World War II Photo of the Week
for 4 October 2004

A Vintage Coast Artilleryman ...

   A formal photo of a company commander in the 213th Coast Artillery Regiment at Fort Monroe, Virginia before deployment to the ETO. Note the Coast Artillery collar device and regimental crest on his overseas cap and epaulet. Formed from the pre-war 213th Coast Artillery Group's three battalions, the regiment was constituted as follows: 1st Battalion redesignated the 73rd Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion; 2nd Battalion redesignated the 899th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion; and 3rd Battalion redesignated the 337th Antiaircraft Artillery Searchlight Battalion. The 213th made two invasion landings in Italy and Africa, and served in the following campaigns: Algeria-French Morocco 1942 (with arrowhead), Tunisia 1942-1943, Naples-Foggia 1943-1944 (with arrowhead), Rome-Arno 1944, and The Rhineland 1944-1945.

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