How Much Do You Know About WW II Movies?

Click on the answer you think is correct.

1. What is the name of Steve McQueen's B-17 in "The War Lover"
   a) Sentimental Journey
   b) Memphis Belle
   c) The Body
   d) The House of Usher

2. In "The Great Escape," Ives is killed on what holiday?
   a) Boxing Day
   b) Guy Fawkes Day
   c) Thanksgiving
   d) The Fourth of July

3. In the "Bridge at Remagen," what personal item does Robert Vaughn lose during the attack on the bridge?
   a) His Iron Cross medal
   b) His pistol
   c) His cigarette case
   d) His bayonet

4. In "Saving Private Ryan," what Disney character does the German at the radar station mention?
   a) Steamboat Willie
   b) Minnie Mouse
   c) Donald Duck
   d) Pluto

5. In "633 Squadron," what airplane is prominently featured?
   a) Thunderbolt
   b) Spitfire
   c) Lightning
   d) Mosquito

6. In "Hell is for Heroes," how do the GIs trick the Germans?
   a) They play a record of troops marching
   b) They put chains on their jeep to make it sound like a tank
   c) They make dummies and put them in foxholes
   d) They dress up like French peasants

7. How much money does Private Schultz win in the crap game in "The Longest Day"?
   a) 2500 bucks
   b) 200 bucks
   c) 1000 bucks
   d) Zilch!

8. What was Richard Jaeckel's character's occupation before the war in "The Devil's Brigade"?
   a) Bank robber
   b) Circus performer
   c) Steel worker
   d) Motorcycle racer

9. What is the setting for the "Thin Red Line"?
   a) Saipan
   b) Okinawa
   c) Guadalcanal
   d) Truk

10. What escape film featured a glider the POWs built inside a castle attic?
   a) Escape from Colditz
   b) They Have Their Exits
   c) Stalag 17
   d) The Wooden Horse

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