Plate V: U.S. Army Air Forces and Elite Units

Army Air Forces
1937 1942

Army Air Forces
1942 1947

Army Air Forces

1st Air Force
(NE Continental U.S.)

2nd Air Force
(NW Continental U.S.)

3rd Air Force
(SE Continental U.S.)

4th Air Force
(SW Continental U.S.)

5th Air Force
(Far East AF)

6th Air Force
(Caribbean AF)

7th Air Force
(Pacific AF)

8th Air Force
(European Theater)

9th Air Force
(Middle East AF)

10th Air Force
C-B-I Theater)

11th Air Force
(North Pacific Theater)

12th Air Force
(Mediterranean Theater)

13th Air Force
(SW Pacific Theater)

14th Air Force
(China Air Task Force)

15th Air Force
(Euro-African Theater)

20th Air Force
(Washington, DC)
(Japan Strategic Offensive)

Strategic Air Force
(European Strategic Offensive)

Mediterranean Allied Air Force

Army Elite Units
(This list is representative of elite units and is not exhaustive or complete.)

1st Special Service Force

442d Regimental Combat Team

5307th Composite Unit (Provisional)

Amphibious Combat Engineers

Combined Operations
Army Amphibious Units

Tank Destroyer Units

Bomb Disposal Personnel