Plate I: Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of U.S. Army Divisions
(Notes: NG denotes National Guard; "Ghost Units" were fictitious formations used to deceive the enemy)

1st Infantry
"The Big Red One"

2nd Infantry
"Indian Head"

3rd Infantry

4th Infantry

5th Infantry
"Red Diamond"

6th Infantry

7th Infantry

8th Infantry

9th Infantry

10th Mountain

11th Airborne

12th Infantry

13th Airborne

14th Infantry
(Ghost Unit)

17th Airborne

18th Airborne
(Ghost Unit)

21st Airborne
(Ghost Unit)

22nd Infantry
(Ghost Unit)

23rd Infantry

24th Infantry

25th Infantry
"Tropic Lightning"

26th Infantry
"Yankee" (NG)

27th Infantry
"New York" (NG)

28th Infantry
"Keystone" (NG)

29th Infantry
"Blue and Grey" (NG)

30th Infantry
"Old Hickory" (NG)

31st Infantry
"Dixie" (NG)

32nd Infantry
"Red Arrow" (NG)

33rd Infantry
"Prairie" (NG)

34th Infantry
"Red Bull" (NG)

35th Infantry
"Santa Fe" (NG)

36th Infantry
"Texas" (NG)

37th Infantry
"Buckeye" (NG)

38th Infantry
"Cyclone" (NG)

39th Infantry

40th Infantry
"Sunshine" (NG)