Plate II: Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of U.S. Army Divisions
(Notes: NG denotes National Guard; "Ghost Units" were fictitious formations used to deceive the enemy; AR denotes Army Reserve)

41st Infantry
"Sunset" (NG)

42nd Infantry
"Rainbow" (NG)

43rd Infantry
"Red Wing" (NG)

44th Infantry

45th Infantry
"Thunderbird" (NG)

46th Infantry

47th Infantry

48th Infantry

50th Infantry
(Ghost Unit)

55th Infantry
(Ghost Unit)

63rd Infantry
"Blood and Fire" (NG)

65th Infantry

66th Infantry
"Black Panther" (NG)

69th Infantry

70th Infantry
"Trail Blazers" (NG)

71st Infantry

75th Infantry

76th Infantry

77th Infantry
"Statue of Liberty" (AR)

78th Infantry
"Lightning" (AR)

79th Infantry
"Lorraine" (AR)

80th Infantry
"Blue Ridge" (AR)

81st Infantry
"Wildcat" (AR)

82nd Airborne
"All American"

83rd Infantry
"Ohio" (AR)

84th Infantry
"Railsplitters" (AR)

85th Infantry
"Custer" (AR)

86th Infantry
"Black Hawk" (AR)

87th Infantry
"Acorn" (AR)

88th Infantry
"Blue Devil" (AR)

89th Infantry
"Middle West" (AR)

90th Infantry
"Tough 'Ombres" (AR)

91st Infantry
"Wild West" (AR)

92nd Infantry
"Buffalo" (AR)

93rd Infantry

94th Infantry