Plate III: Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of U.S. Army Divisions
(Notes: NG denotes National Guard; "Ghost Units" were fictitious formations used to deceive the enemy; AR denotes Army Reserve)

95th Infantry

96th Infantry

97th Infantry

98th Infantry

99th Infantry

100th Infantry

101st Airborne
"Screaming Eagles"

102nd Infantry
"Ozark" (AR)

103rd Infantry

104th Infantry
"Timber Wolf" (AR)

106th Infantry
"Golden Lion" (AR)

108th Infantry

1st Cavalry

2nd Cavalry

3rd Cavalry

21st Cavalry

24th Cavalry

56th Cavalry

61st Cavalry

62nd Cavalry

63rd Cavalry

64th Cavalry

65th Cavalry

66th Cavalry

1st Armored
"Old Ironsides"

2nd Armored
"Hell on Wheels"

3rd Armored

4th Armored

5th Armored

6th Armored
"Super Sixth"

7th Armored
"Lucky Seventh"

8th Armored
"Iron Duce"

9th Armored

10th Armored

11th Armored

12th Armored

13th Armored
"Black Cat"

14th Armored

16th Armored

20th Armored

27th Armored
"Empire" (NG)

30th Armored
"Dixie" (NG)

40th Armored
"Grizzly" (NG)

48th Armored
"Hurricane" (NG)

49th Armored
"Lone Star" (NG)

50th Armored
"Jersey Blues" (NG)