The 422nd Night Fighter Squadron
Operational History


The 422nd's insignia featured a ferocious-looking bat wearing an aviator's helmet and goggles, and brandishing a smoking .45-caliber pistol and a bloody dagger. The bat appears inside a golden circle inside a black-ringed roundel, the former symbolizing the moon and the latter the night skies which the squadron prowled. Three "sets" of stars adorn the black ring: one of four and two of two, denoting 4-2-2, the 422nd. The smoking gun and dripping dagger sends a message that the squadron has seen combat and is ready for more. The choice of a bat for the insignia is obvious: the P-61 Black Widow flown by the 422nd hunted by night and featured a radar system to locate its prey in the dark.

422 MAP

The travels of the 422nd in the ETO. After arriving at Charmy Down and relocating to Scorton in the UK, the squadron began operating out of ALG A-15 at Cherbourg-Maupertus (France) after D-Day. Later, they moved to A-39 at Chateaudun (France); to A-78 at Florennes/Juzaine (Belgium); and to Y-59 at Strassfeld, Germany. On V-E day, they were stationed at Langensalza (Airfield R-2).

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