Names of All U.S. Victory Ships
The following is a list of all World War II Victory ships. The Victory ship, designed by the U.S. Maritime Commission, like its predecessor, the Liberty ship, could be built more rapidly than most vessels and was 50 per cent faster. The first 35 of the were named for the United Nations. Others were named for American towns, cities, colleges, and universities. Their capacity was up to 2,000 troops, 440 light tanks, or 2,840 Jeeps. With two and a half times the refrigeration capacity of the Liberty Ship, it could carry more food for more passengers. Its geared-turbine propulsion machinery ranged from 6,000 to 8,500 horsepower and provided speeds up to 17.5 knots, compared to the 11 knots of a Liberty Ship. Ships' names emboldened in red indicate ships on which members of the 225th returned to the United States.

    Aberdeen Victory Adelphi Victory Adrian Victory Aiken Victory Alamo Victory Albion Victory Alfred Victory Alhambra Victory Allegheny Victory Alma Victory Altoona Victory Amarillo Victory American Victory Ames Victory Amherst Victory Anadarko Victory Anchorage Victory Anniston Victory Antioch Victory Appleton Victory Arcadia Victory Asbury Victory Atchison Victory Atlantic City Victory Attleboro Victory Augustana Victory Australia Victory Bardstown Victory Barnard Victory Barre Victory Bartlesville Victory Bates Victory Baton Rouge Victory Battle Creek Victory Baylor Victory Beatrice Victory Beaver Victory Bedford Victory Belgium Victory Bellingham Victory Beloit Victory Berea Victory Berkeley Victory Berry Victory Berwyn Victory Bessemer Victory Biddeford Victory Billings Victory Binghampton Victory Bloomington Victory Blue Island Victory Blue Ridge Victory Bluefield Victory Boise Victory Boulder Victory Bowdoin Victory Bowling Green Victory Bozeman Victory Brainerd Victory Brandon Victory Brazil Victory Brigham Victory Britain Victory Brown Victory Bucknell Victory Bucyrus Victory Burbank Victory C.C.N.Y. Victory Calvin Victory Canada Victory Canton Victory Capital Victory Carleton Victory Carroll Victory Carthage Victory Catawba Victory Cedar Rapids Victory Central Falls Victory Central Victory Chanute Victory Chapel Hill Victory Chelsea Victory China Victory Citadel Victory Claremont Victory Clark Victory Clarksburg Victory Clarksdale Victory Clarksville Victory Claymont Victory Clearwater Victory Clovis Victory Coaldale Victory Cody Victory Coe Victory Coeur d'Alene Victory Coffeyville Victory Colby Victory Colgate Victory Colombia Victory Colorado Springs Victory Cooper Union Victory Cornell Victory Costa Rica Victory Council Bluffs Victory Cranston Victory Creighton Victory Cuba Victory Czechoslovakia Victory Dalton Victory Dartmouth Victory Davidson Victory De Pauw Victory Denison Victory Devils Lake Victory Dickinson Victory Dominican Victory Dothan Victory Douglas Victory Drake Victory Drew Victory Drexel Victory Drury Victory Duke Victory Durango Victory Durham Victory Earlham Victory East Point Victory El Reno Victory El Salvador Victory Elgin Victory Elko Victory Elmira Victory Emory Victory Enid Victory Ethiopia Victory Eufala Victory Fairmont Victory Fayetteville Victory Fenn Victory Fisk Victory Flagstaff Victory Fordham Victory Frederick Victory Frontenac Victory Frostburg Victory Furman Victory Gainsville Victory Georgetown Victory Gonzaga Victory Goucher Victory Grange Victory Great Falls Victory Greece Victory Greeley Victory Green Bay Victory Greenville Victory Gretna Victory Grinnell Victory Grove City Victory Guatemala Victory Gustavus Victory Hagerstown Victory Haiti Victory Halaula Victory Hamilton Victory HampdenSydney Victory Hannibal Victory Harvard Victory Hastings Victory Hattiesburg Victory Haverford Victory Hibbing Victory High Point Victory Hillsdale Victory Hobart Victory Hobbs Victory Honduras Victory Hood Victory Hope Victory Howard Victory Hunter Victory India Victory Iran Victory Iraq Victory Jackson Victory Jefferson City Victory Jericho Victory Joliet Victory Joplin Victory Kelso Victory Kenyon Victory Kings Point Victory Kingsport Victory Kingston Victory Knox Victory Kodiak Victory Kokomo Victory Koloa Victory La Crosse Victory La Grande Victory Laconia Victory Lafayette Victory Lahaina Victory Lake Charles Victory Lakeland Victory Lakewood Victory Lane Victory Laredo Victory Las Vegas Victory Lawrence Victory Legion Victory Lehigh Victory Lewiston Victory Lincoln Victory Lindenwood Victory Linfield Victory Logan Victory Loma Victory Longview Victory Loyola Victory Luray Victory Luxembourg Victory Lynchburg Victory Lynn Victory M.I.T. Victory Macalester Victory MacMurray Victory Madawaska Victory Mahoney City Victory Malden Victory Mandan Victory Manderson Victory Mankato Victory Maritime Victory Marquette Victory Marshall Victory Marshfield Victory Maryville Victory Massillon Victory Mayfield Victory Medina Victory Mercer Victory Meredith Victory Meridian Victory Mesa Victory Mexico Victory Middlebury Victory Middlesex Victory Midland Victory Mills Victory Minot Victory Moline Victory Monroe Victory Montclair Victory Morgantown Victory Mount Holyoke Victory Muhlenberg Victory Muncie Victory N.Y.U. Victory Nampa Victory Nashua Victory Navajo Victory Netherlands Victory New Bern Victory New Rochelle Victory New World Victory New Zealand Victory Newberry Victory Newcastle Victory Niagara Victory Niantic Victory Nicaragua Victory North Platte Victory Northeastern Victory Northwestern Victory Norwalk Victory Norway Victory Norwich Victory Notre Dame Victory Oberlin Victory Ocala Victory Occidental Victory Oglethorpe Victory Oneida Victory Oshkosh Victory Ouachita Victory Owensboro Victory Pachaug Victory Pacific Victory Paducah Victory Pan American Victory Panama Victory Park Victory Parkersburg Victory Pass Christian Victory Petersburg Victory Philippines Victory Phillips Victory Pierre Victory Pine Bluff Victory Pittston Victory Plymouth Victory Poland Victory Pomona Victory Pontotoc Victory Pratt Victory Princeton Victory Provo Victory Purdue Victory Queens Victory Quinault Victory Radcliffe Victory Red Oak Victory Reed Victory Rensselaer Victory Rice Victory Rider Victory Ripon Victory Rock Hill Victory Rock Springs Victory Rockland Victory Rollins Victory Roswell Victory Rushville Victory Rutgers Victory Rutland Victory Saginaw Victory Salina Victory San Angelo Victory San Mateo Victory Santa Clara Victory Sapulpa Victory Sedalia Victory Selma Victory Seton Hall Victory Sharon Victory Sheepshead Bay Victory Silverbow Victory Simmons Victory Sioux Falls Victory Skagway Victory Skidmore Victory Smith Victory South Africa Victory South Bend Victory Southwestern Victory Spartanburg Victory St Albans Victory St Augustine Victory St Cloud Victory St John's Victory St Lawrence Victory Stamford Victory Stetson Victory Stevens Victory Swarthmore Victory Taos Victory Temple Victory Terre Haute Victory Texarkana Victory Towanda Victory Trinidad Victory Trinity Victory Tucson Victory Tufts Victory Tulane Victory Tusculum Victory Tuskegee Victory Twin Falls Victory U.S.S.R. Victory Union Victory United States Victory United Victory Valdosta Victory Vanderbilt Victory Vassar Victory Villanova Victory Virginia City Victory Wabash Victory Waco Victory Wake Forest Victory Waltham Victory Warwick Victory Waterbury Victory Waterville Victory Waycross Victory Wayne Victory Webster Victory Wellesley Victory Wesleyan Victory West Linn Victory Westbrook Victory Western Reserve Victory Westerly Victory Westminster Victory Wheaton Victory Whitman Victory Whittier Victory Willamette Victory William and Mary Victory Wilson Victory Winchester Victory Winthrop Victory Woodbridge Victory Woodstock Victory Wooster Victory Xavier Victory Yale Victory Yugoslavia Victory Zanesville Victory

The SS Lane Victory.


The SS Lynchburg Victory.


The SS Georgetown Victory leaving Sydney Harbor, Australia.


The S.S. Georgetown Victory was among the last casualties of the Second World War. The 7,000-ton Victory-class troopship was the 53rd in her class built at the Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyard at Baltimore, and launched April 28, 1945. The Victory-class ships were an improvement on the famous Liberty ship design, providing greater tonnage, speed, and comfort. After the war, many were converted to other purposes. For example, the Seton Hall Victory was converted for service as a radar ship during the Apollo program; the Notre Dame Victory became a Great Lakes bulk carrier; and the Vasser Victory became the Spanish liner Begoña. A few Victory ships were used by the military as late as the Viet Nam conflict.Entering service near the end of the war, the Georgetown Victory and others like her were given the happy task of transporting the troops for demobilization. Even so, the photo above showing the ship leaving Sydney harbor for Glasgow, just a year after her launching, shows a battered and war-weary vessel; nonetheless, she must have seemed beautiful to the 1,400 boys aboard, who were on their way home. Alas, she didn't complete the final voyage. On April 30, 1946, she ran aground off Killard Point, County Down, Ireland. All 1,400 men were rescued by lifeboats and breeches buoy. The Illustrated London News noted that the ship was so close to land, that a number of men waded ashore through heavy oil and were cared for in nearby homes. The newspapers blamed heavy fog, but an authoritative history of the Victory ships says she was running at full speed on a fine clear evening. Undoubtedly, everyone aboard was anxious to reach port. In any case, by daybreak the next day, the vessel had broken her back on the ledge, and deteriorating weather conditions made her breakup seem imminent. Later, all remaining portable gear not already taken by looters was removed and the ship abandoned. Winter storms later separated the wreck into two parts. These sections were finally salvaged in 1951 and consigned to the ship-breakers at Troon.


The SS President Garfield. Victory type, built in 1945 by Oregon Shipbuilding Co., Portland, Oregon. Hull No. 1234, O/N 247,654. LOA=455'3", LBP=430'6", B=62'0", D=38'0", Draft=28'6 3/4". Displacement=15,199 LT., Deadweight=10,626 LT., Gross tonnage=7,659. Cargo capacity: 483,309 CuFt., Passengers: 4, Speed: 16 1/2 knots. Machinery: Single screw, geared steam turbine, 9,350 shp. Two CE boilers. Originally Williamette Victory. Renamed President Garfield January 19, 1951. Traded in to the Maritime Administration February 28, 1958. Renamed Williamette Victory March 4, 1958. Sold to Grain Storage Co., Washington, DC on June 26, 1973 for nontransportation use.


The SS Lincoln Victory (No. V-13) being constructed.


Detachment F of the 70th Division aboard the SS Central Falls Victory; the ship brought home 72 officers, 1,863 enlisted men, and 1 civilian. She's shown docking at Pier 8, Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, 1945.


The SS Dominican Victory is shown in stream off Pier 8, Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, shortly before debarkation. The ship was carrying units of the 91st Infantry Division ("Powder River Division"), which was activated in Oregon in the vicinity of the Powder River. This vessel left Naples, Italy, 20 August 1945, transporting 1,931 troops (92 officers and 1,838 enlisted men).


This excellent view at Pier 2, Hampton Roads,Virginia, shows two contrasting types of ships. On the left (south side), is the Victory Ship SS Zanesville Victory. It is 455 feet long, 62 feet wide, has a cruising radius of 20,000 miles, speed of 16.5 knots, and gross tonnage of 7,608. On the right is a Hog Island Ship Shickshinny, the World War I equivalent of the modern Liberty Ship. This ship has an overall length of 401 feet, is 54 feet wide, has a cruising radius of 12,000 miles, speed of 11.5 knots, and gross tonnage of 5,103. Both ships use oil for fuel. The former was built in 1945, the latter in 1919.


Troops of the 10th Anti-Tank Battalion, 10th Mountain Infantry Division, are shown on board the SS La Grande Victoryat the north side of Pier 8, Hampton Roads, during debarkation. The soldier holding the Texas flag is Pvt. Harold S. (Lone) Star, 18214640, Dallas, Texas, a member of Company B, 10th Mountain Infantry Division, Anti-Tank Battalion. His mother gave this flag to him when he entered the Army, and he had worn it within his shirt, throughout combat.


Overall view of troops of the 423rd AA Gun Battalion (Shipment RE-7360-L) debarking from the SS Mahoney City Victory on the south side of Pier 8 at Hampton Roads. This vessel left Marseilles, France on October 16, 1945 carrying 133 officers and 1,855 enlisted personnel (1,988 total).


Gangplank scene as the 101st Ordnance MM Company (Shipment 22021) debarked from the SS Cody Victory. This vessel transported 2,032 troops from Leghorn (August 18, 1945) and Naples, Italy (August 20, 1945). Photo taken at Pier 8, Hampton Roads.

VC2-S-AP2 Type (Victory Ships)
  • Tonnage
    • Navy Light: 4,420
    • M.C. Deadweight: 10,850
    • Full Load: 15,580
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 455'3"
    • Beam: 62'
    • Max. Draft: 28'6"
  • Machinery
    • Type: Turbine engines
    • Horse Power: 8,500
    • Top Speed: 17 knots
    • Cruising radius 25,000 miles
  • 1st Navy Commissioning: 1944

VC2-S-AP5 Type (Victory Ships)
  • Tonnage
    • Navy Light: 6,700
    • M.C. Deadweight: 5,900
    • Full Load: 14,900
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 436'6"
    • Beam: 62'
    • Max. Draft: 28'1"
  • Machinery
    • Type: Turbine engines
    • Horse Power: 8,500
    • Top Speed: 17 knots
  • 1st Navy Commissioning: 1944

Photo Credits

Lane Victory, Lane Victory Museum, San Pedro, CA; Georgetown Victory, Georgetown University Alumni Association; President Garfield, APL Limited; all others, U.S. Signal Corps.


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