Want the Time Capsule to Travel to You?

FOOTLOCKER (16 K)   If you're interested in having the time capsule on display in your Long Island school or library, or at a meeting of your Long Island–based WW II veterans organization, you can! The complete display will be set up by Skylighters Webmaster/Historian Larry Belmont by reservation, who is prepared to lecture on multiple WW II topics, including:

  • "The Skylighters: Searchlights and Radar in WW II"
  • "The Skylighters and the Night Fighters: Fighter-Searchlight Cooperation in the ETO"
  • "Ack Ack! The Largest Materiél and Manpower Effort of WW II"
  • "The AAA Defense of Antwerp: Shooting Down Hitler's Secret Weapons"
  • "D-Day: The History Behind Saving Private Ryan"
  • "Hell in the Hedgerows: Normandy Before the Breakout"

   Displays/lectures can be arranged according to the following general schedule (major holidays are excluded except for Memorial Day and Veterans Day):

When? Where? Special Requirements?
(Labor Day to Memorial Day)
Limited to Huntington - Riverhead Area Three large tables needed
(lectern for lectures)
(Labor Day to Memorial Day)
Brooklyn, Queens,
Three large tables needed
(lectern for lectures)

   In order to support the activities of the 225th AAA Searchlight Battalion Veterans Association [a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation], we request a $100 tax-deductible donation for each site visit (and an additional $100 donation for each lecture)]. For further information about booking a display and/or lecture, contact:

Larry M. Belmont
30 Purick Street
Blue Point, NY 11715-1120
E-mail: webmaster@skylighters.org