Operations of the 49th AAA Brigade in Europe

   The original scan (of a vintage map that is now in the Skylighters archive and on display at each reunion) was provided courtesy of the 467th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion Association, which, like the 225th, was attached to the 49th AAA Brigade in the ETO. (For more information about the 467th, follow the link above.) The map depicts the movement of brigade headquarters across France, Belgium, and Luxembourg on the way into Germany between June 6, 1944 and May 9, 1945. The actual units assigned to the brigade (and listed inside the discs bordering the map) were strewn in more directions than this map would indicate, as the 225th's Unit History will testify. During its tenure in Europe, the brigade was commanded by Brig. Gen. E. W. Timberlake, who signed some of the 225th's Commendations from this period. Notable is the 49th's insignia in the top center panel, which depicts a six-gun-toting gold prospector opening fire on an enemy fighter plane; the insignia is shaped like a bag of gold (more about the origins of the 49th and its history and composition will appear here in the future). Also of interest are the V-1 buzz bombs appearing in the upper left- and right-hand corners, symbolizing the 49th's role in downing nearly 2,000 of the pilotless bombs during the AAA defense of Antwerp in 1944-45 (more on that story will be available soon as well).

   In order to make it more convenient to download easily readable sections of the map, this version has been divided into nine sections. Click on a section to view that section at a larger size. You can also view the entire map (199 K JPEG, 1500 pixels wide by 1112 pixels high) by clicking here. NOTE: the 225th is listed in the lower left-hand panel.

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